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The kings of caravan repairs, we at I-Spray Caravan Repairs North East are a popular, well-known and expert team of caravanning enthusiasts dedicated to bringing your caravan up to peak condition, regardless of the ailment. We offer everything from a basic paint repair, through inside furnishing repairs, right up to a liquid vinyl wrap to protect your vehicle from damage in the future. 


Specialising primarily in caravan repairs in the North East, our team is also highly flexible in how the repairs are conducted. For smaller repairs, we can travel to you, rather than you having to bring a damaged caravan to us. This is just one of the unique points that have made I-Spray Caravan Repairs a popular and well-known outfit. Our team of trusted repairers can carry out a comprehensive variety of repairs, as well as being able to do warranty and insurance work when they come to you. For a more extensive repair job, you can bring your caravan to our headquarters.


If you are looking to increase the value of your caravan in order to sell it on to another happy owner, I-Spray can help with that too. We can smooth out any unsightly bodywork for you as well as service the mobile home before you part with it. A well-known member of the caravan buyers group, we are in a good position to understand what is required to make your caravan or mobile home desirable to buyers. 


Call 07835 586441 to talk to one of the team about how we can help you with your caravan repair needs or just to book a service.



Burstner elegance Bodyshop paint repair.

This repair required a superior paint blending technique and colour matching skills.


This caravan repair required the replacement of the lower skirt rail and a fibreglass repair to the side panel, however this caravan has fibreglass side panels unlike the more common powdered coated aluminium panels meaning a gelcoat finnish was required as a standard paint repair would stand out.

As seen on the pictures above you can see how we have retained the gelcoat texture.


One Question i always get asked is: What is spray on vinyl and how would it be good for my caravan, motorhome?


Caravans and motorhomes

usually have alot of GRP and this can fade and usually have small hairline cracks. Spray on vinyl can be any colour you want to enhance the look of your caravan however it also comes in CLEAR and the product once set can stretch like a laytex glove whilst not losing its adhesive capabilitys.  Alongside this its a great way to protect against stone chips and oxidisation of the original surface and once it is time for it to come off, just peel away to reveal an unweatherd surface for increased resale value.

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